About Us

We are the Science Society for students at Murray Edwards College. Most of our members are NatScis but anyone from any subject with an interest in Science is welcome.

We provide weekly drop-in sessions in the JCR. These allow you to meet students in other year groups, get help and advice, and help yourself to our cake and biscuits!


We also run parties throughout the year, normally at the start and end of each term. These have previously included Pizza Night and Science Themed Cocktails.


Careers and academic events are held usually once or twice a term. These may include Fellows Talks events, NatSci Module Options evenings and more.


Current Committee:
Kyra Mozley - President
Catherine Boddy - Treasurer
Hennie Coales - Secretary


Check out the events we have upcoming this term. Most events are advertised by email so let us know if you wish to join our mailing list.


Upcoming Events

This term we will be in the JCR every Sunday from 8pm-9pm.
Our 2 main events this term are a trip to the Institute of Astronomy for a talk by Dave Green, click here for more information. The second event will be a formal swap, with Selwyn on the 13th February.

Essay Competition

Are you an AS Level or GCSE student? Then you can take part in our annual essay compeition. This year the questions are:

  • 1. Will we ever have a source of reliable nuclear fusion power here on Earth, and how would it impact our future?
  • 2. How is pollution impacting the chemistry of the ocean?
  • 3. How do stem cells work and are they truly the cure-all miracle we’ve been searching for?
  • 4. What is artificial intelligence and should we be fearful of it?

Please answer one of the questions, and email your solutions to franklinsoc@gmail.com before Sunday 15th April 2018 . All participants will receive a certificate of participation and there will be prizes for the best essays as follows:

First Prize: £50
Second Prize: £30
Third Prize: £20

For advice to entrants click here, or to view our terms and conditions click here.

Contact Us

Email us at franklinsoc@gmail.com

Alternatively follow us on